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Certification in Brazil

Certification in Brazil

Introduction UC

    According to the requirements from Inmetro (Brazilian Accreditation Body), products which need to comply with the Brazilian mandatory certification requirements have to carry the mark of conformity. 

    For voluntary and mandatory product certification, TV Rheinland works together with UCIEE (Uni?o Certificadora), a Brazilian OCP (Product Certification Body) which issues the UC Mark.

Compulsory Certification Products
     Electro medical equipment
     Hazardous location equipment
     Equipment for gas systems (pressure regulators and hoses)
     Electrical strings and cables
     Protective devices, such as circuit breakers and fuses
     Switches, plugs and sockets

Voluntary Certification Products
     Capacitors and filters
     Electronic appliances and components
     Alarm systems
     IT equipment

Technical information
    Rated voltage: It varies depending on the city. 110V/60Hz, 220V/60Hz are mostly used.
    Plug: 11 different kinds of plugs. (detailed information is available)

Documents required:
    CB test report together with CB certificates, test reports based on EN standards which are identical to Brazilian standards may be accepted (e.g. TV/GS) or test reports according to NBR standards.
    Technical information (Construction drawing, circuit diagram, PCB layout, etc)
    Users manual: in Portuguese for mandatory products or in Portuguese, Spanish or English for voluntary products.

    Rating label in Portuguese

Factory Inspection
    Mandatory products - factory inspections needs to be performed by UCIEE (Follow up inspections may be performed by TV Rheinland)
    Voluntary products - the factory inspections can be performed by TV Rheinland.




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