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Personal Protective Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) 
Mainly used for protection employee to do not need to be subjected to because of the contact chemistry radiation, dynamoelectric equipments, manpower equipments, the machine equipments or at some dangerous work place but causable serious industrial injuries or disease.In addition to mask, safe glass, safety helmet, safe shoe, personal protection equipments includes a great deal of breath protection equipments, protection to take.Among them include the safety helmet, goggle, the sense of hearing protection machine, safe gloves, safe shoe, the breath machine and safety belts.

1 at EU who can help the manufactory sale PPE?
At the EU( EU), engineering the expert can help the design to meet with the production the EU request of, combine the PPE that the standard throws in total body market in Europe.
The manufactory of the abroad also can pass specialized sell the PPE for the help of the native and private and public organization that exporter serve.
Europe announces the mission of the organization is whether evaluation matches the instruction or not, and provide the help towards assessing the related and special problem.Usually, that organization will provide the help and the information concerning standard.
Under the condition of to relevant hair explains to produce the doubt, the enactment is in Europe totally body of manufactory should with be responsible for the PPE national supervisor section to make the contact.

2 PPE instruction constrained to all member's countries of EU?
The answer is affirmative.Start from July of 1995, it becomes all members of EU the law text of the country compulsory execution is originally.The PPE instruction 89/686/ EEC is adopt on February 21 in 1989, and become the law of total body in Europe on July 1 in 1992, the excesssive period keeps on till June 30 in 1995.

3 involve will the PPE national law take place the variety?
Each member's country in EU, national laws that involve the PPE all want to change instruction of PPE, and according to" complete consistent of" principle adoption.In other word, want that the conversion becomes the instruction of PPE in same way at European ll nations( include the European economic district).Therefore, the PPE must match to revise the instruction of PPE in the health and the safety requests and the related attestation procedure requests rules.

4 how understand the protection equipments whether the request of the instruction of PPE?
The characteristic, the expectation protection use of the protection equipments, the avowal of the manufactory for protection, can check in advertise similar to some catalogues of the business information in search, also can in the website of the manufactory and publication and the issue things.The related item of the instruction of PPE is as follows.
Instruction of PPE the first regulation rule settle:
1. 2 according to the provision of the instruction, the PPE mean personal wear and provide with of, used for the protection a kind of or various bane healths and safety of the tool or the equipments.The PPE also covers following few aspectses:
( A) For to a possibility, the bane of the simultaneous with carries on the individual protection, becoming some machines piece or tools assemble but from the manufactory of a device.
( B) In order to practice the special mission, with be combine by personal individual non- protection equipments that wears and provides with of, dissociable and not dissociable protection period or tool.
( C) Satisfy the function request basically, and the appropriation can change the PPE machine piece with each other in this kind of equipments.

1. 3 with the exterior system that PPE link, even the customer wears and provides with over a long period of time, this system also will be think is an equipments of a constitutes the part.
1. 4 this instructions is not suitable for the PPE that other instructions involve.This is because this instruction involves the merchandise to throw in the free fluxion and safeties of the market.Total body usage in especially whole Europe of with related instruction 96/98/ EEC of equipments.

5 manufactories satisfy the request of the instruction of PPE?
From the above-mentioned item 1 of the individual protection material that definition cover, must satisfy the appendix 2 medium provision of homologous and basic health and safety request, then can prove indeed provided for the customer appropriate of healthy protection and safety.The instruction of PPE is" new method" to constitute the part, these request to mean with the in general use technical term.
Also ruled concerning some requests that throw in the markets in the instruction, such as the attestation, match the sex avowal, symbolize, customer information etc..

6 what is" new method" laws?
The instruction of PPE was called it as that" new method" instruction laws contents constitutes the part, they from same principle and common method creation.The key of" new method" principle order is:
Provided the law responsibility for the in general use principle of" the basic health and safeties request".
The manufactory can adopt to unify the standard to prove to meet basic healthy and safe request.
Must stick to attach the marking of CE according to the product that" new method" instruction produce.
The basic principle of" new method" laws made in" according to the guidebook of the method instruction of the year" detailed and hermeneutic.
What is the meaning of the

7 CE marking?Is it constrained?
The individual protection equipments sticks to attach healthy and safe request that the CE marking enunciation matches the instruction of PPE and other instructions.The PPE include by the instruction 89/686/ EEC sticks to attach the marking of CE is constrained.

8 how prove to match sex with instruction of PPE?
According to match sex avowal, to the request that manufactory put forward is, the 1 opposite and simple procedures increase 2 and 3 more detailed procedures of category from the category.The definition of the category of PPE gives in Article 8 of the instruction.
Category 1( minimum risk)
This category sometimes involve" ego assurance", because the manufactory doeses not need to announce the service of the organization.But the manufactory must satisfy the following condition:
    a. Guarantee its product meets basic healthy and safe request.( Appendix 2)
    b. Edit collected materials the technique literary style.( item 8 and appendix 3)
    c. Draft the product matches sex avowal.( item 12 and appendix 6)
    d. Stick to attach the marking of CE.( item 12 and 13 and appendix 4)
Category 2( the PPE of the standard)
Request to adopt the a, b, c, measure of d.The measure c and ds request the EC pattern examination certificate, is this manufactory must: 
     e. to the announcement organization application pattern examination( item 10), if satisfy the condition, announce the organization to draft the EC pattern examination certificate, and the comrade manufactory certificate produce effect.
Category 3( preventom fatal of or serious and the creation can't avoid the PPE of the bane)
Request the a, b, c, d, the e provides an additional request, carrying on the additional check to the PPE production according to one or two possible procedures( the item 11 As or 11 Bs)s namely.These two procedures are as follows:
    F1) the item 11 A procedure-" the EC quantity control system of the end product".The manufactory requests to announce the PPE that the organization insures the production real meet the request that the pattern of EC verifies the certificate.This passes a year to carry out towards producing the sample to carry on the random check come once at least.Then, from announce the organization to distribute the test report.
   F2)The item 11 B procedure-" pass the system that the examination assurance EC produces the quantity".The manufactory should have the quantity control system of announce the organization approval.
9 what is to announce the organization?
Announce the organization mean to enhance an organization that the instruction matches the EU member's country.The supervisor section authorization of member's country is responsible for assessing towards carrying on the test and attestations of the choice organization qualifiedly.These examination organization that were grant for to announce the organization.

10 manufactories to choose to announce the organization arbitrarily?
The manufactory can choose the authorities to provide arbitrarily of, hasing no ability to carry on necessity's test to the equipments any to announce the organization.But in the manufactory and business agents of other districts of EU only ability to an announces the organization application EC pattern examination.

11 PPE standard does not is constrained, if comprehend?
Equipments that adopts the instruction of PPE, standard and include Europe to unify the standard will never be to emphasize sex.On the other hand, within the scope of carry out the instruction of PPE of, the European committee releases to meet related Europe that the instruction 89/686/ EEC request to unify the name, reference of the standard and the catalogue of the renewals on the publication of total body authorities in Europe.The manufactory that matches this kind of Europe to unify standard and one part of standard requestses can be subjected to the benefit from the assumption meet the basic request of the homologous instruction 89/686/ EEC.

12 how adopt Europe to unify the standard?
If the related equipments product meet to unify the request of the standard, so is think is to matched the related EHSR of instruction of PPE to request( basic health and safeties provide in appendix 2 request), further speak, namely the sign is up to standard.
Because each product and each basic requests do not always can match homologous Europe to unify the standard, so, the manufactory must be careful specially while verifying whether its individual protection equipments meets all related requests of the instruction 89/686/ EEC or not.The manufactory must still meet other related laws requests, for example, dangerous material request.
Dependable and high-quality protection of safety- this is your customer to expect of.Be personal protection product manufactory, you have the duty establishment technique text document to prove that the product meets the EU request, and stick to symbolize up the CE.


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