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PED 97/23/EC directive
Pressure Equipment and Materials Technology


When NPS Laboratory was founded in Germany more than 20 years ago, it all started with steam boilers. Since then the range of tasks performed by NPS Laboratory 's material & plant engineering specialists has widened considerably. 

PED 97/23/EC directive was officially applied as mandatory for all pressure equipment used in the European Union. Since then, NPS Laboratory has helped firms in obtaining certificates and reaching the European market. Companies that are suitable for applying this directive include pressure vessel or boiler manufacturers, steel mills, foundries, forging, piping and fitting manufacturer, industrial valve manufacturer, fastener manufacturer, welding consumable manufacturer, NDE inspection companies, power plants, petro-chemical plants etc.

Other than the pressure equipment directive (PED) 97/23/EC, NPS Laboratory is also qualified to certify simple pressure vessels according to the SPVD 87/404/EEC and (TPED) 99/36/EC directives. Our engineers can issue test reports and the corresponding certificates as required.

Due to many similarities between ISO and PED/SPVD/TPED quality management system, NPS Laboratory is able to combine these audits into a single one as a better service to our clients. With a fully qualified auditor for both ISO and PED, we are able to reduce the time and price to our clients.

In NPS, we can offer the following services:

Pressure equipment and pressure equipment manufacturer approvals

In pressure equipment area, you can apply for the following certifications:


  • EC :

CE marking

   Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC

   Simple Pressure Vessel Directive 87/404/EE

   Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 99/36/EC

  • Germany
    • AD 2000-W0 approval for material manufacturer
    • AD 2000-HP0 approval for pressure equipment manufacturer, according to the German Pressure Vessel Ordinance
    • TA-Luft approval for industrial valves for reducing fugitive emission according to German TA-Luft regulation
    • U-Mark approval for construction products according to the German Construction Code
    • DVGW approval for products in the gas and water industry
    • VdTUV 1153+DB (German Railway) approval for welding consumables

  • Russia (Russia GOST-R Mark)

All of products exported to Russia have to comply with the inspection requirement of GOSSTANDARD, awarded GOST-R certificate and postmark.We NPS Laboratory  Industrie Services GmbH cooperated with Hungarian NPS to assist manufacturers to award this certification.



  • ASME inspection for boiler and pressure vessel. Assistant for manufacturer stamp-approval.
  • API-607 fire safety testing and certification of industrial valves


  • Japan

JIS approval for export of pressure equipment to the Japanese market

  • South East ASIA

pressure equipment products inspection according to ASME code (stamp or non-stamp inspection)


America Petroleum Institute Monogram

As a non-profit oriented and independent organization, the American Petroleum Institute (API) involved in all aspects of the oil and gas industry. API has established a set of standards specifically for the safety and quality of materials and products that meets API Spec Q1. Companies can quickly identify manufacturers as licensed suppliers with the API Monogram logo and rely on the products and services they receive. This is the basis of the API Monogram license and other certification programs.


Other services   TÜV Rheinland

  • Training / Approval of technical personnel

- Approval of NDT personal according to EN473 / ISO 9712

- Approval of welders according to EN287 / ISO 9606

- Inspection of important safety-related fields and components

- Determination of accident causes (objective, independent third party investigation)

- On-site inspection of plant

  • Fire Brigade Training House

- inspection according to DIN 14097  TÜV Rheinland

- Integrated drafting utilities, material databases, calculation and report generation

- for designs according to ASME VIII Div.1, EN13445, PD5500, TKN and TBK2

  • Approvals for pressure vessel manufacturers from Germany or Europe (valve, boiler, vessel, pipes) according the CNS-Regulations

- Support manufacturer or trader during approval by Taiwanese officials

- Technical support, including technical translation service TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland 



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