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Machinery Directive (MD)
Machinery Directive (MD) 
 Is people for the certain consumer goods its machine safety key problem of concern, protect the Human body, animal, and property to do not need damaged harm in the whole world specially at extend increasingly of European market be subjected to the value more and more.For think the manufactory that solds inside the country to sell its machine product in the alliance( EU) of Europe to say, the application CE attestation marking is a test that is use to explain its product to pass the request according to the its category and the usage property.For getting the CE attestation marking, a company oneself may spend a great deal of time, manpower, financial power and energies to understand the homologous provision to make contented machine laws of its product in the prescriptive basic health and safety request. ?E
For the EU machine instruction and low electric voltage instructions, especially the attestation examination organization contain expert guide you can pass this procedure more availably.Especially with the request that its customer cooperates to provide the detailed machine instruction also make you understand how the product that they apply to you up.Next move, we will test whether your product satisfies the instruction in basic healthy and safe important point or not.Once complete, if your product satisfies the basic request, your technique structure document will be edit, the CE attestation marking also applied formally.Own the especially the expert authenticates and supports, entering the market to also have the assurance.
Say tangibly, what is an EU Machinery Directive? On the definition, the machine instruction( the Machinery Directive)(89/392/ EEC) is applicable to the organization and moves the motive , the machine to equip, use to promote and transport the person's machine and the safety accessories.Laws in the basic health and safeties of the provision request( EHSR) to overlay the whole machine engineering realm is a very and important aspect of the industry society.
The machine laws is applicable to the following product:
* The module that the wreath connect
* Have at least a moves the parts
* Modulator, control and main back track
* The material processes the work preface, processing, porterage and packing
* A few machines consociation operation
* Interchangeable equipments
* The bane that low electric voltage instruction not involve
* The ?E that other instructions did not involve
The machine instruction in provision for belong in the machine product and safe partses of the appendix ??the attestation organization needses must the CE pattern test.This catalogue limits to include also all with this instruction related ll types of product:
Machine machine:
* Buzz saw, saw the bed
* The surface planer that hand that is applicable to the carpenter moves in to give
* Use to come to single side to fix to plane the trigger wholely
* Band saw
* The sectional timber processes the machine
* Move to open the machine of
* Move the perpendicular stalk mold for casting machine
* Then the help type chain saw
* Blunt press machine, include the metals cold process of press to break
* Used for the plastics and rubbers presses the mold machine
* Used for the machine of the underground work:Used for railroad tracks up of machine, the liquid presses to raise to rise the machine dynamically, I.C. engine
* The family garbage hand that takes to compress the organization moves to load the machine
* The protection equipments and take to is in general use deal with contact of can separate to spread to move the stalk
* The automobile promotes the equipments
* Use to the equipments of promote the person and take to have the risk that sinks into from more than 3 meter
* Used for the machine that makes the firework
Safe parts:
* Give or get an electric shock the feeling machine( get in touch with the sex appeal and should protect the device not, shield, the electromagnetism stretch forward, the light grid, wait)
* Hands/ double person control the operation equip
* Auto of the screen that can move
* Defend the turns over the protection device
* Defend the object sinks into the protection device
The CE attestation product safety marks the main step
(1) the design product makes the provision of match the related product safety standard
(2) the establishment technique document( TCF)( for to confirm that product to have already met the basic safety request of each related instruction of attestation of CE, but concrete data of the demonstration)
(3) the implement article protects the system
(4) from pit can its verification organization performance verification or sign the ego to announce to match the avowal( some and particular product beard from pit can its verification organization approve the rear and can stick to attach the attestation of CE to mark)(5) to stick to attach the attestation of CE to mark.
The industry machine CE attestation service contents of our company
1, the related product safe instruction standard explain, the product safe instruction and standards that evaluate to apply, and explain the related product safe instruction and the request of the standards.
2, the safe standard of product examines and revises the suggestion, the basis related instruction( the machine instruction etc.) basic hygiene and safeties request and the related product safety standard examines physically, the product of your company and put forward revising the suggestion, and will as a result compose to examine the report;
3, the product risk valuation and counterplans report, composing the product risk valuation and counterplan reports according to the EN1050;
4, the help confirm and edit to tidy up the related technique data of product:The machine whole diagram, specification form, machine structure diagram, safety equips to mark the diagram, the electric circuit diagram and electricity module form, oils/ barometric diagram and oil/ barometric module form, operation manual etc.;
5, carry out the related test on the scene in the factory: the machine safe structure check, the electricity safety test, noise test etc. item;
6, confirm to verify the sample, the request preparation that guide the factory to depend on the standard verifies the sample, and confirm to verify the sample it matches the degree.
7, the CE editor of the safe technique document( TCF) with compose, the contents contain:The product function and the characteristic description, the series product difference more the elucidation, article protects the qualified avowal book of system description, CE and applies of instruction and standard description, the machine instruction basic hygiene and safeties request to match sex to examine the report, the product risk to evaluate and the counterplan report, the safe standard of related product match sex examines the report, related safety standard of test report, the noise test report;
8, help establishment right, integrity of qualified avowal book of CE;
9, confirm to verify the imperfection that personnel lift and confirm the product correction direction;
10, confirm the product correction condition;
11, the product passes the verification and obtains the certificate;
12, the other service( eligibility):
The technique diagram paper draw, warning marking generation system, the technique diagram paper translation service, manual establishment, operation maintenance manual establishment, manual establishment translation service, operation maintenance manual establishment translation service, standard translation of related English service.( the English translate medium)



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