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Electromagnetic Compatibility
Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) 
Electromagnetism of EMC and permit the instruction Electromagnetic Compatibility
Along with the technical development of the electricity electronics, the home appliances product is increasingly universal and electronical, the broadcast television, the post and tele communication and the calculator networks are increasingly flourishing, the electromagnetism environment is increasingly complicated and depravation, make the electromagnetism of the electricity electronics product and permit sex( the EMC electromagnetism interference EMI and the electromagnetism anti- EMS) problem to also be subjected to all countries government and the production business enterprise to value increasingly. Total body in Europe government provision, from 1 of January of 1996, all electricity electronics product must pass the attestation of EMC, then can be total after adding to stick the marking of CE in Europe the body sells on the market.This undertaking is causing in the world extensive influence, all countries government adopts the measure in succession, practicing the compulsive sex management to the RMC function of the electricity electronics product. According to the electromagnetism of the EU and permit( EMC) the instruction 83/336/ EEC, all in the EU market sale of electronicses electrical product must at it as to it's the interferences of his product and affect outward of the anti-s interference meet the EU law request strictly.

Obtain the attestation path of CE of match the laws of EMC
- Path 1( national sex EMC marking and match the sex certificate)
Customer the application" international EMC marking" certificate, once the application and tests pass, the customer will get an EMC certificate, a certificate with qualified CE of EMC laws, a test report and a set of sample product of avowal book with qualified customer.The customer by oneself composes the qualified avowal book, stuffing with the concrete contents and signing, the usage EMC symbolizes the additional marking of CE on the product, this attestation will take the fee of the year and carry on to check the factory.
- Path 2( test report and match the sex certificate)
The customer will get a test report and a certificate with qualified CE of EMC lawses after applying for the test to pass, a set of sample product of avowal book with qualified customer.The customer by oneself composes the avowal book, stuffing with to correspond the contents and sign, the customer is by oneself the laws of EMC on the product additional CE marking.
- Path 3( test report)
The customer's a sample will get a test report after passing by to press the test concerning standard.Note:If product according to other EU laws, press to correspond the request that the standard carries on the test, customer the beard carries on the related test in time, and take these lawses and standard into the qualified avowal book.



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