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Low-voltage electrical Directi
Low-voltage electrical Directive (LVD) 
      The low electric voltage instruction( the Low Voltage pirective,73/23/ EEC) establish in 1973,20 years before establish for the new project( the New Approach) instruction, and is think is the precursor of the new project concept.
        LVD target for insure the safety for low electric voltage equipments to use.The definition of the low electric voltage equipments settles the electric voltage as 50-1000 of hour of alternate current for the sum,75-1500 electricity equipmentses of the volt of hour of direct current.Broad sense but speech, the low electric voltage equipments includes the consumer goods and design for the equipments operate within the scope of this electric voltage.Include the home appliances, handicraft have, illuminates the equipments, electric wire, electric cable and pipelines, and go together with line equipments etc..This instruction includes all safe rules of this equipments, including the protection because of the danger that the machine reason result in.
        The LVD specify the EU member nation and must adopt the appropriate method, electricity equipments that insures in local market the sale unlikely endanger the people safety, also will not endanger the local animal or properties.Therefore must attain:
The equipments must carry on the design in good way according to the safe rules
Equipments must the exactitude equip and support
The equipments must depend on to design the purpose usage

     If the equipments meets the particular safety provision of all member nations approbation, that is match these items.At not affect other form certificates under, can rule the good design method to be in conjunction with the standard by the reference, prove that it matches sex.Early time that LVD establish establishes time in the CE marking.The marking of CE for these new project instructions draft by EU in the last few years.The instruction 93/68/ EEC modified the LVD, to meet the need of the present.
     According to the instruction 93/68/ EEC, manufacturer or authorization in the EU the representative can draft a matches sex to announce, additional CE marking on the product, mark it meets the LVD and related provisions.
    Appear on market from the product beginning, the manufacturer must reserve the technique document for 10 years, being provided for parties concerned to carry on examination.
Match the contents that sex announce

    The general contents of" match sex announce" can in the appendix of the instruction 3( B) check.Detailed say, this announces and must include:
Manufacturer or EU inside authorize the representative's name and the address
The electricity equipments elucidation
Be in conjunction with the standard reference
When it's necessary, must include the manufacturer or it at the authorization in the EU represents to announce to match sex, according to of elaborate on and consult document
Authorize and appoint the ID card that it signs clear
The product( first time) acquires the last two numeral of the CE marking age
Match sex announces and must compose with at least a kind of language with official EU.
The contents of the technique document
    The technique document must include the detailed datas such as design, manufacturing and operation etc. of the electricity equipments, evaluating whether this electricity equipments meets the instruction provision or not in order to.

Therefore, the document must include:
General elucidation of the product
Design and make the diagram, and the illustrated manual table of the module, sub- module, circuit...etc..
Explain the above diagram faces and illustrates, and the elucidation document of this electricity equipments operation
The standard detailed list of all or parts of usages, and the part that didn't?㹥t rule in the standard, meet the solution of safe request in order to.
Design the calculation and carry on the check etc. the result of the work
The test report( from manufacturer or the test report that the third unit put forward)
Take care of the unit and the location of the technique document?

     Manufacturer or its uthorization representative in EU, from here product end manufacturing of from day, must take care of this document for 10 years at least, provide the government parties concerned to at any time carry on the examination.The technique document keeps by electronics may also, but the premise is to must carry on the examination easily.Belong to import the factory if manufacturer at EU have no base and have no authorization representative, this responsibility, or at the representative director of the EU market sale.


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