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KUCAS Certification

NF Certification
The name of the national accrediting body: UTE (UNION TECHNIQUE DE L'ELECTRITE) AUX-ROSES, FRANCE UTE (UNION TECHNIQUE DE L'ELECTRITE) was founded in 1907, it is a Union, whose pioneering work is included as a special representative of the following French electronics and electrical workers in all sectors:

* ELECTRICITE DE FRANCE (French National Ministry of Electric Power)

* FEDERATION DES INDUSTRIQUES ET ELCTRONIQUES (Electrical and Electronic Industries Alliance)


ELECTRIQUES (power grids, power plants and industrial facilities, electrical contractor electrician Union)

* Ministry of Industry (electronic components)

* Department of Defense

* Ministry of Telecommunications

All members of the UTE issues of common concern is to provide users with the most to ensure the safety and quality of facilities, equipment and devices.

EDF in particular focusing on the most suitable for them to have the equipment and installation requirements of all electricity users.

UTE business is:

* The development and exchange of information on electronic and electrical products and installation standards and standards-related information to any other;

* Granting and management of sub-standard signs NF;

* For international standardization of the French contribution to the work and give full consideration to the recommendations from the work.

NF mark also includes the safety standards of IEC or CEE than the following:

A. With electronic devices for household and similar electrical appliances have a disturbance on the grid limitations;

B. The performance of the following household appliances:

Vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, cooking stove, cooking utensils, ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, food freezers, room heaters, water-type heater.


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