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KC Mark Certification

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KC Mark Certification
KC Mark Certification

South Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) in August 25, 2008 announced that the National Standards Committee will be from July 2009 to December 2010 to implement a new national unity certified logo, known as "KC Mark" logo.

The new logo called the KC Mark, on behalf of Korea Certification. 13 kinds of the existing signs will be mandatory to the eventual reunification under the new logo.

This move brought about a result, suppliers to reduce costs in the certification of expenditure, so that South Korea has gradually become a KC Mark certification of a world brand. There is a drawback, however, recently issued by KCC logo will be implemented only a few years but will eventually be unified into the new signs of KC.

KC Mark certification of the implementation plan for the future

December 2008: the country's basic laws and regulations and update the existing Act

July 2009: MKE marking the beginning of the implementation of national unity

January 2009 - December 2010: to improve standards and certification laws and regulations related

January 2011: Completion of national unity to all the compulsory certification mark


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