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IEC 62321 released 2013 version

IEC 62321-1, IEC 62321-2, IEC 62321-3-1 , IEC 62321-3-2, IEC 62321 -4 and IEC 62321-5 of the 2013 version has passed the final draft international standard (FDIS) stage, has been officially announced. The standard to measure the specific hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products - IEC 62321, outlined the test method of electronic products, to determine the concentrations of harmful chemicals in products is lower than the limits of EU-RoHS. As ever, the 2008 edition of the IEC 62321 has undergone a period of maintenance cycle, now the best operation and the advanced technology were introduced in order to ensure the consistency and reliability of the experiment, to meet the standards.

IEC standard


IEC 62321-1

Introduction and overview

IEC 62321-2

Disassembly, disjointment and mechanical sample preparation

IEC 62321-3-1

Screening ĘC  Lead, mercury, cadmium, total chromium and total bromine by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

IEC 62321-3-2

Screening ĘC Total bromine in polymers and electronics by CombustionĘCIon Chromatography

IEC 62321-4

Mercury in polymers, metals and electronics by CV-AAS, CV-AFS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS

IEC 62321-5

Cadmium, lead and chromium in polymers and electronics and cadmium and lead in metals by AAS, AFS, ICP-OES and ICP-MS


 The main change of the 2013 version is that the file is split into a series of standards to facilitate standard maintenance, while import new test methods or equipments, such as Combustion - Ion Chromatography (C-IC) and cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometry (CV-AFS). CombustionĘCIon Chromatography (C-IC) is used to test the total bromine, cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometer (CV-AFS) is used to test the mercury.


After completing the above series of standards, other three criterias are in different developing stages: the test methods of PBB / PBDE (IEC 62321-6), hexavalent chromium (IEC 62321-7-1 and -2).


These standards are expected to announce as following dates:

IEC 62321-6   2014-2
IEC 62321-7-1   2014-4
IEC 62321-7-2   2014-11

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