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NEMKO Certification

NEMKO Certification
NEMKO Certification
NEMKO Certification
Nemko Certification is a worldwide independent testing and certification bodies of mechanical and electrical products. Initially founded in 1933, has been nearly 70 years of development history. Its predecessor, is one of Norway's National Export Commodities Inspection Bureau, from the beginning of full independence in 1991, IEC has become one of the nomination and the certification bodies involved in the development of relevant standards. A long period of time, Nemko Certification thorough understanding of standards and rigor the faithful here, to establish its authority as a certification body, fair and responsible international image.

Nemko in office equipment and computer equipment has been awarded the world's largest CB certificate, and the EC notice to low-voltage directive, machinery orders, an explosion environmental equipment, medical devices and electromagnetic compatibility directives Directive certification bodies (Notified / Competent Body ).

Nemko is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and in Germany, Italy, the United States, Britain, Spain, Japan, South Korea, mainland China and Taiwan, with branch offices (or offices). Rely on a wide range of branches, international cooperation and bilateral agreements, Nemko able to quickly provide a wide range of authentication, so that your products smooth entry into the international market.


The well-known N-mark is a certification mark based on Nemko's own testing or results performed by labratories according to multi-national or bi-lateral agreement or by otherwise Nemko accepted labratories including all authorized manufacturers. The mark signifies that Nemko has tested or certified the product according to national standards official safety regulations in Norway. (which in principle are aquivalent to those of the other European EU / EEA states) The N-mark is well-established among the consumers nationally, and on the international industrial markets. Consumer surveys show that 70% of the Norwegian population is familiar with the N-mark and its safety and quality. Followed by a product certificate, the N-mark also provides manufacturers and importers with an assurance that their product fulfills all technical demands relevant to Norway in particular and to Europe in general. Within the Nemko organization, we offer several optional marks and labels that provide further documentation of quality and safety in sales and marketing activities. Different product categories are subject to different safety demands. Consequently, our marks and labels differ accordingly


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