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NPS provides products Inspection Testing service,including certification EMI testing EMS testing and ratio RF testing and so on.

NPS has built itself safety laboratory EMC laboratory and physical testing center,we are specialized in providing electrical and electronics certificationvehicle products testing and solar photovoltaic products certification service.NPS Inspection Tseting keeps doing businesses with many certification bodies all have the authority to issue certicatewell-known by the world,so we can implement the products certification programs within the ruled time,then you can get the certificate to make your products sell all over the world as soon as possible.

Comprehensive service

NPS provides comprehensive service for guests,are specialized in technology and products,and shorted the time through improving the technology quality. NPS have professional workers to do things from the price list to the sending and warehouse management of products,on the other hand,to protect the guests rights and interests and provide high quality service as possible as we can,we input these informations to the system so that the guests can check on the internet.


Price advantage

NPS keeps contacting with the bodies which can issu the certificates,which helps to avoid many middle links,then NPS always try himself best to control the costs.so,NPS can reduce the operating costs.

Technology advantage

NPS Engineers keep contacting and communicatting with many certification laboratory on technology ,on the other handthey also have rich experience to help many companies to get certificate of various products.so if only you have prepared the products’basic datas,NPS can provide all-round service.  

Time advantage

Acquainted with the programthe data neededthe standards and the point of certification of different certification bodies and certificating bodies,NPS can valuate and decide the certification programs fast and accurately,on the other hand,we can communicate directly with the project executors on technology,both of which can help you to save time.

Sincere service

NPS always believe what we do is service,is to assist the guests to get acceptance successfully in the program to apply for safety certification and to deliver goods smoothly by using related marks,in fact,the program contains not only the testing after receiving the sampls,but also the consulting in the products development or production phasethe testing after getting the samples and the consulting while finishing the projectIPIthe new rule of safetythe rule to pay feesthe factory check and VN and so on, and the professional spirit and the sincere attitude exist from the beginning to the end,which is also the principle insisted by all workers.

NPS’team and engineers insist serious and responsible attitude to keep good service at any time no matter to provide the newest informations to guests as fast as possible through the internet or to call on the customers,which is our responsibility forever.and we also do trainning and discussing regularly to improve all workers’skills so that the problem of customers can be resolved at all times,on the other hand,the company will invite the experienced technician to help deal with some kinds of problems so that you can get the certificates and catch the commercial opportunities.

The future

NPS continuously makes progress to more professional service and be international with professionqualityefficiency and service spirit,always try its best to help the manufactuers to strength international competitiveness and promote the international trade development,on the other hand,NPS devotes itself to creat a win-win situation by consolidating the enterprise’s sustainable development foundation through helping people to set up the right consumption consciousness and safe and health consumption environment to improve the quality of life.NPS can aslo help you to catch the market opportunities to sell your products all around the world successfully.in all,from the past to now even the future,NPS is the best parters to you, just believe

We promise;

       Fair          accurate          science

       Profession    efficiency        responsiblity


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